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Stefan Eberhard is 31 years old and lives in Uzwil in Switzerland. He studied mechanical engineering at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur and works for the Bühler Group in Uzwil as a vocational trainer.


Stefan has been playing piano since he was five. Later, he learned further instruments such as the organ, guitar, drums or bass. Stefan has an absolute pitch, which means he is not reliant upon notation.


At the moment, Stefan primarily performs with the band "Private Blend" from eastern Switzerland. However, this is repeatedly supplemented by projects, guest appearance or studio sessions for other bands.


In 2017, Stefan played almost 100 concerts with a wide range of bands. These included some large festivals, a foreign tour and a TV performance with Francine Jordi. Since 2007, Stefan has given more than 500 performances.


2019 - Moon & Stars Festival / Private Blend

2018 - Clanx Open Air / Private Blend

2017 - Heitere Open Air / Private Blend

2017 - Open Air St. Gallen / Emanuel Reiter

2017 - Stars in Town Schaffhausen / Emanuel Reiter

2017 - TV show with Francine Jordi for SRF1 "Ich schänke die es Lied"

2017 - Support for Adrian Stern / Emanuel Reiter

2017 - Tour in Slovakia und Czech Republic / aendael

2016 - Support for Stefanie Heinzmann / aendael

2016 - Weihern Openair / Private Blend & Emanuel Reiter

2016 - Tour in Norway / Chris K. King

Stefan's biggest idol is Chuck Leavell. He has been the pianist for the Rolling Stones for more than 35 years and has already worked with greats such as Chuck Berry, George Harrison, John Mayer, David Gilmour and Eric Clapton. Stefan has already personally met Chuck Leavell five times and even had the privilege of meeting the rest of the Stones in the backstage area at a Rolling Stones concert. Chuck and Stefan remain in regular email contact.


In 2019, Stefan's second studio album "The Chuck Leavell Project" was released, featuring special guests such as Chuck Leavell, Nathan East, Bernard Fowler, Hendrix Ackle, Marco Jencarelli and Massimo Buonanno.

Former Bands:

- 2017 Chris K. King

- 2017 aendael

- 2017 Emanuel Reiter

- 2017 Quilt (Chor)

- 2016 Fridolin's Heritage (Blues)

- 2013 MOJO (Funk)

- 2011 OnAir (Pop/Rock)

In addition to his musical work, Stefan is a passionate snooker player. He practices every week in a snooker club in St. Gallen and regularly plays in tournaments across Switzerland.

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