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In this post I'd like to introduce my humble home studio. The studio is located in a room in my apartment in Uzwil, which I share with a chipmunk called Mahou.

Here, I am able to make piano, guitar or vocal recordings and tinker with the subsequent songs on the computer for hours.

Despite the modest space, high-quality recordings can be made thanks to modern technology. The majority of recordings that will later be heard on the album will be recorded in professional music studios though.


- Cubase Pro 9.5 DAW

- Motu Ultralite

- 2x KRK Rokit 6

- Presonus Faderport 8 DAW controller

- Rode NT2A

- Rode NT5 matched pair

- Korg SV1 stage piano

- Taylor 316 CE acoustic guitar

- Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

- Gibson Les Paul Studio electric guitar

- Spectrasonic Keyscape

- Spectrasonic Trillian

- Native Instruments Alica's Keys


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